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Realme Television Televisions in India

Realme Television: Where Quality Meets Affordability

Popular smartphone company Realme has recently entered the Indian TV market. They provide a variety of smart TVs with various series and features.

Realme TVs are known for their affordability, offering feature-rich smart TVs at competitive prices, making them accessible to a wide range of consumers.

Realme TV Lineup

Realme Smart TV series: Realme Smart TV series features built-in Chromecast, Google Assistant support, and voice commands for seamless connectivity and access to various apps and streaming services.

Realme SLED TV series: Realme SLED TV series utilizes advanced SLED technology for vivid colors, high contrast, and improved picture quality, providing an immersive viewing experience with true-to-life visuals.

Realme TV Features

Resolution: Most Realme TVs offer Full HD (1080p) or Ultra HD (4K) resolution, providing sharp and detailed visuals.

Display: Realme TVs come with LED panels and offer different screen sizes to choose from, ranging from 32 inches to 55 inches.

Audio: Realme TVs are equipped with powerful speakers and support Dolby Audio for an immersive sound experience.

Realme TV Competitors

Other TV manufacturers in India, like Xiaomi, Samsung, and OnePlus, compete with Realme TV. To meet a range of buyer preferences, these brands provide their own line of smart TVs with diverse features and specifications.

Realme TV Price

The Realme affordable model starts at Rs. 16,999, while the most expensive model can cost up to Rs. 44,999.