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Akai Televisions in India

Akai was formed in 1946 in Tokyo, Japan, as Akai Electric Company Ltd. Grande Holdings, based in Hong Kong, bought the Akai brand and currently distributes a variety of electronic items, including LED televisions, washing machines, clothes dryers, air conditioners, and smart phones, through partnerships with other electronics firms with the necessary expertise.

Akai has a good collection of smart televisions that are well-equipped with new technology to appeal to modern-day viewers. You can also explore different sizes, characteristics, and pricing ranges to find the best LED TV that suits your budget. You can live an entertainment experience like never before with AKAI SMART LED TVs. Akai TVs have sleek and stylish designs. AKAI TVs come with A+ Grade Panels which represents Japanese entertainment technology. The Enhance Image Engine (EIE) was created to give a powerful entertainment experience unlike any other you've ever had. It brings every hue to life in its true form. So grab your chairs; it's time to see what the future of entertainment has in store for you. AKAI TVs technology will only enhance your entire TV viewing experience with a number of fantastic features installed in different versions of AKAI TVs, such as Turbo sound system, AKAI Store APP, IN-BUILT WI-FI, and 16.7 Million rich colors.


• The size is smaller.

• Image quality is better

• Power-efficient

• Reliability

• Long-lasting

• Lightweight

• More colorful and bright

Akai's DNA includes research and development, which allows them to innovate. Akai offers the greatest TVs based on consumer insights and the latest technologies thanks to strongly embedded ideals around Research & Development, backed up by their production team.

Its focus has always been on providing high-quality items, which helps to build trust with its clients. AKAIs customers are an important part of the innovation process. They can offer customers the best products and services fueled by the latest technology if they understand what their customer’s value, want, and need. Akai has created over 200 service locations across India in order to provide their customers with simple access to after-sales care.