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Infocus Televisions in India

Infocus Televisions: Discover More with InFocus Home Theater

The well-known television manufacturer Infocus offers a variety of TVs with different features and characteristics. They are well known for their affordable prices and excellent pictures.

InFocus gives consumers on a budget the chance to enjoy high-quality picture quality that enhances the viewing experience with a wide range of TV models and features.

InFocus TV Lineup

InFocus Turbo series: InFocus Turbo series offers Full HD and 4K Ultra HD TVs with HDR technology for enhanced contrast and color accuracy, providing an immersive viewing experience.

InFocus Epic series: The Epic series of Infocus TVs offers sleek, stylish design with slim bezels and smart features, allowing users to access streaming apps and online content directly from their TV.

InFocus Vision series: Infocus's Vision series offers premium TVs with advanced features like Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos, providing stunning visuals and immersive sound, and built-in voice assistants for convenient control.

InFocus TV Features

Digital Tuner: InFocus TVs have built-in digital tuners for free-to-air programmes, thus a separate set-top box is not necessary.

Smart TV Features: InFocus TV models offer smart functionality, allowing users to access streaming apps, online content, and internet browsing directly from the TV, including popular platforms like Netflix and Prime Video.

InFocus TV Competitors

Infocus TV faces competition from brands like Daiwa, Detel, and Compaq, each offering unique televisions with distinct features and specifications.

InFocus TV Price

The InFocus TV model is priced between Rs. 35,999 and Rs. 70,999.