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Compaq Televisions in India

Compaq Televisions: Where Reliability Meets Technology!

Compaq's entry into the television business is a significant move for the company and a sign of its dedication to staying relevant in the rapidly changing consumer electronics market.

Compaq's television market expansion aims to offer a wider range of home entertainment options while maintaining the brand's quality and technology values.

Compaq TV Lineup

QLED series: The QLED series from Compaq includes HDR support for improved contrast and details in both bright and dark environments, as well as Quantum Dot technology for vivid colors.

UHD series: Compaq's UHD series offers an immersive viewing experience with Ultra High Definition resolution, providing sharp visuals four times higher than Full HD.

Smart series: With integrated Wi-Fi, streaming apps, web surfing, voice commands, and other smart device conveniences, Compaq's Smart series combines the strength of a television with the ease of a smart device.

Compaq TV Features

High-Resolution Displays: Compaq TVs feature high-resolution displays for clear, detailed pictures, enabling clear viewing of movies, sports, and other media.

Smart Functionality: Compaq Smart TVs offer smart functionality, allowing customers to access streaming applications, online media, and internet browsing directly from the TV, simplifying the digital content experience.

Compaq TV Competitors

Brands like Micromax, Videocon, Yu, Sharp, Onida, Lloyd, Motorola, INB TV, Igo, Hyundai, Hisense, and Hitachi are tough rivals for Compaq, each of which offers distinctive TV features and programmes.

Compaq TV Price

Compaq’s affordable model starts at Rs. 13,999, while the most expensive model can cost up to Rs. 99,999.