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This Diwali get the Sony Bravia – The TV That Thinks

Posted by Salman On 24-Oct-2021 10:40 AM

Exciting discounts and instant cashbacks await Soni Bravia TV purchasers this Diwali

Sony Bravia TV is renowned for being different. Sony’s Diwali Sale allows you to get home the Sony Bravia TV with cognitive human-like intelligence.

• Special Festive offers are available on the purchase of Sony Bravia TVs this Diwali. • A three-year warranty is the perfect icing on the cake. • 20% instant cashback offers make Sony Bravia the ‘Go-To’ TV this Diwali.

sony diwali.jpg

There is never a better time for purchasing a Sony Bravia TV than Diwali 2021, as you get exciting discounts and cashback offers raining all over the place. Sony Bravia has an incredible range of smart TVs on offer with astonishing features that can blow your mind away.

The Z9J is the ultimate in 8K HDR. This TV is much ahead of its time as it produces the most realistic colours you can ever witness on a TV screen. While the Z9J is ideal for high-budget purchasers, the X85J should not be an issue, even for people looking for smart TVs on reasonable, affordable budgets.

The W830 and W61 should qualify as the lowest-priced Sony Bravia TVs ever produced. Finally, the Sony Bravia XR should be one smart TV that everyone should look for because it is the world’s first cognitive intelligence TV and thinks like a human brain.

If you feel Sony Bravia TV is expensive, the festive offers during Diwali 2021 should make you change your mind. Sony Bravia purchasers can avail of instant cashback up to Rs 20,000 on select credit and debit cards. Besides, Sony offers a comprehensive one-year warranty on the product plus additional two years on the panel.

These reasons should be enough for you to head to the Sony store and get a Bravia TV for your home this Diwali.



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