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Sony A80K BRAVIA XR: Exploring OLED 4K Ultra HD and Dynamic HDR with Smart TV

Posted by Insha Hashmi On 03-Nov-2023 07:15 AM

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Over the years, one name has consistently stood out in the consumer electronics and entertainment industries: Sony. This multinational giant not only earned fame for developing ground-breaking technologies but also for transforming the entertainment industry. Sony has a long history that includes devices like the Walkman and PlayStation, and it has influenced almost every aspect of our daily life.

Sony continues to dominate the TV industry in terms of technological advancement, and the Sony A80K BRAVIA XR OLED is no exception. This television offers a rich and visually captivating entertainment universe with its High Dynamic Range (HDR) and 4K Ultra HD capabilities, elevating home entertainment.


This 65 inch OLED Android Smart TV completely changes the visual experience because there's an excellent interaction among its XR OLED Contrast Pro and OLED display. It provides unmatched pure blacks and peak brightness, enhancing color vibrancy and contrast in well-lit environments.

Furthermore, it mirrors how our eyes naturally focus, making every detail visible in both intense shadow and blinding brightness thanks to the Cognitive Processor XRTM. You will not miss a single detail in your on-screen gestures when using state-of-the-art technology, which is evidence of its potency.

This Smart 65-inch OLED TV features a slant screen with a one-year guarantee, HDMI connections, a refresh rate of 120 Hz, a resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels, and USB connectivity for images, vids, and audio. This 65 Inch Sony OLED TV price in India is Rs. 2,64,990.

Google's hands-free support

googles hands free.jpg With Google TV's hands-free voice control function, users can now easily control their TV with just their voice. In addition to content discovery, this technology enables personalized viewing recommendations and smart-home device management.

Eco-Friendly Innovation

By utilizing less virgin plastic in the manufacturing and packing of their BRAVIA XR TVs, Sony hopes to lessen its environmental impact. With a maximum recycling rate of 85%, SORPLASTM is a feature of the A80K model. Sensing, BRAVIA CAM, and special backlight management technologies guarantee great image quality and low power usage.

Unlocking Realism: XR OLED Contrast Pro's True Blacks and Vivid Depth

vivid color tv.jpg

In well-lit settings, the XR OLED Contrast Pro technology enhances color and contrast, producing realistic images with absolute blacks and peak brightness. For exact light management, it makes use of a high-luminance screen and temperature sensor.

XR 4K upscaling enhances clarity of vision

4k upscaling.jpg

Get ready to be amazed by XR 4K Upscaling's brilliance. Regardless of the source of the content, this technology raises the quality of your entertainment to nearly 4K levels. Our Cognitive Processor XRTM, which has an abundance of data, holds the key. It ensures that your viewing experience is nothing less than flawlessly rendered from real life by using artificial intelligence to restore missing textures and features.

Acoustic Surface Audio+

acoustic audo.jpg

With three operators behind the TV, two side-mounted actuators for high-frequency sound, and left and right subwoofers for bass boost, Acoustic Surface Audio+ provides a dynamic sound experience that guarantees a smooth symphony of sound and pictures.

Voice Zoom™ 2

By identifying and analyzing various voices, Voice ZoomTM 2 improves conversation in immersive entertainment by making sure every word is heard, even in halting or difficult to understand speech, and by guaranteeing that every scene in the story is comprehended in its entirety.

BRAVIA CAM and Its Undiscovered Capabilities

bravia cam.jpg

BRAVIA CAM revolutionizes TV experiences by recognizing your seat and optimizing picture and sound to match your preferences. It introduces gesture controls and new experiences, allowing TVs to adapt to your preferences and create a new era of immersive entertainment.

Connecting with Loved Ones

BRAVIA CAM enhances video chats by allowing friends and family to be present on the big screen, providing a more immersive experience with laughter, smiles, and memorable moments of connection.

Smart TV

sony smart tv.jpg

For access to smart features like voice recognition, WiFi, built-in games, Netflix, Prime Video, Disney+, Apple TV, Hulu, Peacock, YouTube TV, Spotify, and iHeartRadio, pair your TV with BRAVIA.

Control Everything with One Smart Remote

sony remote.jpg

Say goodbye to device chaos and cluttered remotes. With just one touch, you can control all connected devices with our smart remote and access on-demand video services, which lets you quickly stream your favorite movies and television shows to your room.

Exceptional Design

Sony's One Slate design offers an immersive viewing experience with a single tempered glass pane, highlighting the concept of 'less is more'. This OLED TV adds elegance to living spaces, ensuring focus remains on content and the experience, whether perched on a stand or wall.



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