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Samsung Introduces Stunning 49-Inch Curved OLED Monitor in China

Posted by Insha Hashmi On 08-Nov-2023 09:39 AM

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With a pixel size of 5120x1440, the Samsung S49CG934 is a high-resolution gaming monitor that produces breathtaking images with brilliant colors. Its 240Hz refresh rate guarantees fluid graphics, which makes it perfect for fast-paced gaming because it guarantees clear images and fluid action.

A large range of colors and tones are possible with the Samsung S49CG934 monitor due to its native 10-bit color depth. It includes 99% of the color space known as DCI-P3, which is widely used in the motion picture business. It is adaptable and great at color accuracy, making it ideal for graphic design, video editing, gaming, and content creation. Professionals and hobbyists will find it to be a great option due to its accurate color reproduction.

The Samsung S49CG934's 1800R curvature, which gently envelops the viewer and minimizes distortion while producing a panoramic feeling, provides users an immersive viewing experience. The way you see things is enhanced by maintaining a constant viewing distance between the center and the edges of the screen.

The 240Hz refresh rate of the display ensures smooth motion, removing motion blur and enabling fast image transitions, offering the best possible gaming experience and a competitive advantage to those looking to outplay their rivals.

The S49CG934 features an ergonomic base for simple lift and tilt adjustments, built-in stereo speakers, and many connectivity options, including HDMI 2.1, DisplayPort 1.4, and USB-C connectors.



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